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We connect businesses with available casual workers that match their staffing needs. We have developed a unique algorithm that does real time matching between businesses and available casual workers.

Ask Luigi Jobs for help any time of the day – Luigi Jobs does not take any sickies!


Remove the stress and headache of finding casual staff for your business.

Does your business struggle to source casual workers? Is it hard for you to find seasonal casual workers for busy periods (Christmas is on it’s way!)? Do you rely on window advertising for job opportunities or word of mouth to fill vacant positions?

What is the opportunity cost to your business for the time, money and energy you and your team spend trying to find and train casual staff for your business? Ask Luigi Jobs to FIND you the right worker that MATCHES your business needs.

We know the frustrations businesses have finding, recruiting and keeping casual staff. We are not like other services that simply advertise all available jobs and allow any job seeker to apply for it.

We have invested heavily in research to develop a unique algorithm that does real time matching between businesses and available casual workers. We connect business with available casual workers that match their staffing needs. Unless a job seeker matches all the requirements of the job, they will not able to apply for or even see the role!

Let Luigi Jobs do your recruiting so you have the time and can focus on what really matters - growing your business!

We know how difficult it can be to find and recruit casual workers. How? We went through it ourselves and knew there had to be a better way to find and recruit suitable casual workers. Our Luigi Jobs Portal is a wish list for businesses that struggle to recruit casual staff, have lengthy onboarding processes, need assistance with rostering or still use paper timesheet recording. The Luigi Jobs platform offers you a range of business services that will save you time and money as well as simplify your current recruitment and rostering systems.


1 Price, 4 products

We sort on-boarding, roster management, time and attendance along with recruitment.


We believe in adding value. Our sophisticated algorithm helps you locate suitable applicants that fit your business needs. It's that simple!


Our services go above and beyond recruitment to help your business. With our onboarding services, you can expect a smooth transition of your work flow from rookie to a pro!


Craft the perfect roster for your business using Luigi. Reduce unnecessary wage costs with accurate labour forecasting.


The time and attendance system uses both GPS and photo verification for clock in and clock out. It is a cloud based service that provides accuracy and accountability.

Choose one of our Effective Business Solutions:

Quick Match

Pay per use only Tell Luigi Jobs what type of worker your business is looking for including any specific licences or experience and what availability you require and we will find you a match for your job using our unique algorithm.

Match & Manage

$35 per month cancel anytime You get all the benefits of the Luigi Jobs Portal that enables you to recruit, onboard, roster and have online timesheets. Quick Match - You get 1 job match per month, which includes 3 applicants and their contact details.

Time Saver

Only job seekers that match your requirements will be able to see and apply for your job so you are not spending hours filtering through applicants to find someone that meets your needs.

Simple And Easy To Use

You will be provided with the names, profiles and full contact details of the first 3 people to apply for the role. This happens in real time so it saves you time and is efficient. You can hire one or all three if you want.

Easy On Your Wallet

Pay only if you submit a job ad. $21 for up to 3 applicants per job but for a limited time, if you register your business on the Luigi Jobs portal, you will get your first 3 job matches FREE!*.


In addition to being able to access Quick Match, you will be able to onboard all new staff with the click of a button! You can set up your positions and electronic documents required from all new workers and this can be sent to them within the portal for them to complete and return – all done electronically and automatically.


Enter your weekly schedule and Luigi Jobs will automatically notify and roster staff for all shifts. There is also a last minute shift option for those last minute sickies and cancellations. This is a set and forget system. Set up your shifts for the pay cycle and then get back to doing what you love because Luigi Jobs will do the rest.

Online Timesheets

Do you still have paper timesheets that need to be collated and entered every pay cycle? What if it all could be done electronically for you with the information at your fingertips waiting for you to download? Luigi Time allows your staff to sign in and out of their shift using a terminal or their phone. It tracks their GPS location and allows them to enter their break times for each shift making processing of their pay a quicker and easier process. You can see who is onsite in real time.

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